Turkish Patisserie Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish patisserie, Turkey patisserie manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality patisserie from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

MILDO GIDA A.S.        Türkiye     E. Ömer BATURALP    
s patisserie, bread improvers, bread mixes, powder products, wet products, eksimo sourdough, orbasoft bread improver, orbapan bread improver, bakery, cold glazes, glazes, hot glazes, bake cream fillings, cake mixes, moist cake mixes, powder whipping creams, custard cream powders, charlotte powders, cake emulsifiers, baking powders, sponge cake mixes, muffin mixes, custard creams, rye bread mixes, multigrain bread mixes, whole wheat bread mixes, bran bread mixes, orbaguette bread improvers, orbapan bread improvers, bread baskets, orbasoft bread improvers, eksimo sourdoughs, cold glaze, glaze, hot, baking powder, bread improver, bread basket, glazes, custard cream, sponge cake mix, cake mix, bread mix, charlotte powder, hot glaze, bake cream filling, moist cake mix, powder whipping cream, custard cream powder, cake emulsifier, muffin mix, rye bread mix, multigrain bread mix, whole wheat bread mix, bran bread mix, orbaguette bread improver
KARAOZLER GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Süreyya Kadir KARAÖZ    
s patisserie, bakery products, cookies, dry baklava, pistachio, walnut, hazelnut, powdered sugar, olive oil, sunflower oil, dried apricots, apricot delight, apricot cosmetics, apricot soap, cream, apricot, apricot oil, medical, infusion sets, needles, urine bags, blood pressure cuffs, wrist gauges, bandages, gauze pads, diapers, women’s clothing, skirts, women’s trousers, pistachios, hazelnuts, women's clothing, women's trousers, varieties of baklava, baklava varieties, walnuts, apricot products, apricot cosmetic, sugar measuring instruments, women's skirts, women's blouse
PPCF PANI KRISTINA        Ukrayna     Tatyana Voronina    
s mayonnaise, fruit and vegetable juices, puree, pasta, macaroni, ketchup, patisserie, cookies, tomato paste, tomato souces, tomato puree
ESERLER GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Raif ESER    
s spice, legumes, grains, baby food, biscuit, gum, wafer cookie, chocolate, confectionery, sea ​​products, frozen products, cooked goods, white meat, red meat, general food, food additives, drinks, canned, tomato paste, dried nuts, pasta, patisserie, pastry, jam, marmalade, ball, sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, dairy products, sorghum milky sweeties, a, candy, salt, famous, fresh vegetable, fruit, edible oils, fresh food, fresh fish, healthy food, transportation, export, import, sea fish, octopus, musky octopus, cuttlefish, thornback skate, common smoothhound, mantis shrimp, angler fish, bogue, dentex, sole, european hake, black seabream, common seabream, black scorpionfish, striped seabream, karanteen, european squid, caramote prawn, silver seabream, bass, streaked gurnard, red mullet, mullet, doree, sea food, fresh fish, healthy food
ISLAMOGLU GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Süleyman TÜRKOĞULLAR    
s fresh vegetable, fruit, nuts, dry food, legumes, grains, drinks, sea products, meat, white meat, food additives, frozen products, cooked goods, chocolate, confectionery, dairy products, biscuit, wafer, cookie, edible oils, general food, turkish delight, cezerye, baby food, macaroni, bakery products, patisserie, pastry, sorghum milky sweeties, spices, jam, marmalade, honey, candy, salt, sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, egg, herbal products, white meat, turkish delight, food, bread, chicken, cookies, frozen chicken, baked products, foodstuff, whole chicken, frozen whole chicken, bovine meat
s confectionery, pastry shop, cafe, confectioner's, cake shop, tuckshop, bakery, patisserie, glassware, food
FERHATOGULLARI GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s bakery, pastry shop, patisserie, bread, cookie, dessert, cake, pasty, turkish ravioli, bagel, pastry, crispy, muffin, sweet buns, salted buns, turkish ravioli
HAVUZLU PASTANESI        Türkiye         
s patisserie, bakery, confectionery
DEGIRMEN PASTANELERI        Türkiye         
s patisserie, pastry products, cake, cookie, bread, birthday cakes
CAVAILES        Türkiye         
s emulsions for beverages, pâtisserie, macarons, paris-brest, charlotte, fruit tart varieties, cupcake, fruit flavored drinks, blackberry jam varieties, desserts